Airline Transport Pilot ( ATP ) – Details

Certification: Airline Transport Pilot for Airplane or Helicopter
Duration: 10 days
Price EUR 3.500
Prerequisites: Commercial Pilot Licence with IFR

The Airline Transport Pilot Licence is the ultimate goal for most ambitious professional pilots. This rating is required to fly airplanes or helicopters in the special environment of commercial transportation in the airline industry.

You need at least 1500 hrs of logged flight time to be eligible to take the written, oral and practical test. At this time in  your career, the practical test should not pose any problems, as it consists basically of the maneuvers that you have already flown more than 1000hrs ago for you commercial licence.

The emphasis is more on aeronautical decision making and the responsibility that comes with your ATP licence.

Our package also includes

  • all required books
  • 10 hours of private ground school
  • 5 hrs of private simulator instruction
  • 5 hrs of private flight instruction

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